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Highlands & Islands Club Leader

Allan Simpson is the Club Leader for Grow Your Business Club in the Highlands & Islands.

He arrived in Inverness in 1994 to take charge of the Palace Hotel.  Prior to that he had been working in hotels in Glasgow, Stirling and London.  Since then he’s been involved with several local hotels in either a marketing or management role.

Allan has a degree in hotel management from the Queens College in Glasgow and a Master of Business Administration degree from the School of Management at the University of Strathclyde.

His first business was set up in 1999 and was quickly bought into by one of his clients at the time – a private investment company.  This saw him travelling throughout the UK looking for new technology businesses for them to invest in – then providing management and project support liaising between the investors and the inventors.  This brought him into contact with a wonderful collection of fledgling businesses, business ideas and interesting people.

Just to prove that fate can go down as well as up, Allan found himself back working in hotels after a couple of projects went wrong.  At this time, hotels and the internet were still trying to work out how things were really going to work and Allan developed an interest in online technology for hotels.  An interest he maintains to this day in his role as the UK and Ireland representative for a US based hotel software company.  A job he does “just to keep his hand in”.

Over the years he’s worked alongside a wide range of businesses, from power systems engineering (big boys toys) through to fine art, catering, tourism, manufacturing, hotels and food processing.

Aside from Grow Your Business Club, Allan runs a business specialising in developing and running automated lead collection and sales systems for small businesses.