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Social Media Marketing Plan Workshop

Social Media Marketing Plan WorkshopSocial Media Marketing Plan

An Introduction To Using Social Media

Find Customers And Make Sales


  • Unsure what to post on Facebook?
  • Confused by Twitter?
  • Worried about how you look on Linkedin?

Using Social Media for your business is very different to using it personally.

As part of your overall business marketing efforts your objective needs to be at least about generating more customer interest, if not making more sales.

But how do you achieve this using social media?  Especially when you recognise that people use social media to have fun!  They’re not there to look for something to buy.

This training course is delivered in a workshop format you’ll enjoy.  You will be able to apply it directly to your business.  Indeed you’ll go home at the end of the workshop with your own plan to implement for your business.

Get closer to your customers with Social Media – find out how at the Social Media Marketing Plan Workshop.

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