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SEO Readiness Report

search_it_closely_800_clrSEO Readiness Report

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimisation”.  Search engines, such as Google or Bing, examine your website closely before deciding where it will appear in their search results.  They are looking for certain things to be in place.  In the case of Google in particular, they’re looking for strict relevance to any search terms involved.  If you’re not relevant, structured correctly or your website is missing key pieces of information, they’ll penalise you by giving you a low ranking for what’s called “organic” search results.  (An organic search result is one based on how well your website is optimised versus all the competing websites.  It doesn’t take advertising into account.)

Obviously, this is not good for a website that provides a business with a source of enquiries or sales.  So it is a good idea to have your website reviewed regularly.

Nobody really knows the exact things Google is looking for when it’s reviewing your website.  Anybody who claims they do is lying to you.  However there are certain key aspects which are regarded in the industry as “good practice” and it makes sense to start with those.  Don’t imagine everyone who builds a website knows all about SEO.  You wouldn’t believe the number of website developers who don’t keep up with this stuff.

The SEO Readiness Report lets you see how well your website is performing on organic search listings.

Not only does this report tell you how well or how badly your website is performing.  It also provides strong guidance and suggests methods to improve your website performance.  So once you’ve got your website report, you can discuss it with your website provider to see what can be done to improve things.  Nobody is perfect, few of us have enough time or money to produce the perfectly competitive website.  But it helps to have a list of issues which you can discuss and prioritise for improvement.

That’s what this report is all about.  Order yours today.