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Lead Generation MBA

mba_logoThe Lead Generation MBA

Self Paced Marketing Training

The Lead Generation MBA (Marketing By Action) is a practical training programme you can fit into your own time.

Each session is carefully focused on one aspect of generating leads for your business.  Refreshingly, it deals with offline topics as well as online.  So if you like to write to your leadgenerationmba1customers and you prefer to place adverts in local newspapers or distribute flyers instead of relying on websites, there’s plenty here for you.  With 18 workbooks and lots of Bonus content, your bound to find something of interest and value.

The purpose of the Lead Generation MBA is not just to make you aware of the alternative sources of leads for your business, but to give you some insight and confidence in actually carrying them out.  Whether it’s updating your knowledge on traditional methods you’ve been using for years, or giving you new ideas based on website technologies – there’s plenty for you to test and reflect upon.

You can work on the programme yourself or you can share it with your colleagues inside your company.

Understand how to attract more sales leads – they’re the lifeblood of any business.

What’s so special about the Lead Generation MBA?  Click here to download essential information.