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Is This You?

Is This You?

At Grow Your Business® Club, you’ll find we don’t offer anything in the way of advice or support until we know something about you, your business, how you arrived where you are today and what brought you to us today.

The reason for this is simple:  We can’t offer anything in the way of advice, support or help until we know what problems need to be fixed.  Indeed, we might not be able to help at all.  So instead of jumping right in there with the risk of doing damage, we prefer to spend a little while working out what needs to be done.

BUTTON_2016_GROWUPIf we don’t think we can help, we’ll tell you straight away.  This saves your valuable time.

If we do think we can help, we’ll work with you to give you some options to consider.

You see, there’s more than one way to make progress.  It all depends on the situation you’re in.  Every business is different, yours is no exception.  What works for you and your business might well be a unique combination of “stuff”.  However experience tells us that there are broadly four stages of business growth, each with their own challenges and rewards.  So without the need to go and reinvent the wheel, we can both start by considering these four stages.

That’s what this section of the website is all about:  Working out which of these categories fits your business best.



For when you’re thinking of starting your own business.  People come from all walks of life and all sorts of backgrounds to arrive at the conclusion that starting a business is something they’ve just got to do.  This initial phase is mainly about you and a bit about your plans.  Starting your own business is a challenging and sometimes scary thing to do but that’s no reason why you shouldn’t try.  Your chances of success are better if you’re personally prepared.  Your needs are different from those of someone who has been in business for a few years.


For when you’re ready to start your own business.  The focus shifts from you as an individual and moves to the development of your idea and how you’re going to make it happen.  Are there enough customers out there?  Will they be prepared to pay for what you do?  What will you do anyway?  How will you tell people about it?  How are you going to manage and control everything?  How will you know when you’re making progress?  How will you know if you’re not?  How will you make sure you don’t lose your house in the process?


For existing businesses.  Survival is key.  Making sure there’s enough cash in the bank account every week to pay the bills.  That’s important.  There are two kinds of survival:  The first is the kind where you spend years putting in all the hours of the day and you still find yourself scraping along the deck, only just making a profit, from month to month, week to week or even day to day (a LOT fall into this category) and then there’s the kind where your efforts are a bit more productive, more efficient and your profits are steadily growing.  This brings slow but critical growth and the joy of profitability is that it gives you choices and the possibilities of recruiting more staff to help.  Surviving businesses have products and customers.  If you’ve been “surviving” up until now, what sort of survival do you want in the future?

High Growth

For when you’re ready to grow at a rapid rate.  You’ve cracked it.  At least, you’ve nearly cracked it.  There’s an opportunity to be very successful indeed.  But more and bigger customers bring greater demands on your business and on you personally.  There’s also a risk that it could all go pear-shaped and take you down with it.  How will you manage that process from Survival to High Growth?  How will you ensure your profitable exit from the business in the future?  Or are you planning to be working on it for the rest of your life?

So What’s Next?

Identifying your stage in the business growth process lets us define what sort of things you should be doing.  So take a look around these pages to make sure you’re familiar with the issues involved.  You will probably have some more of your own you could add.

Once we know what stage you’re in, the next decision is all about the speed at which you want to progress.  If you want to progress using Grow Your Business Club®, you’ll find there are three levels of membership:  Free, Ordinary and Boardroom.  Each of these offers you the opportunity to grow at a pace that’s suitable for you.  You choose the pace of development.  It’s your business.