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Considering Self Employment


Business Start-up Coaching

That first step.  The one where you go from having a steady job to being self employed.  That’s a very big, often scary step to take.  Even if you’ve done your homework and you think you’re prepared for the worst the world can throw at you, there will always be a new challenge.  And because you’re the boss now, it’s going to come straight at you.  If you’re loaded with supplies of confidence, bravado, derring-do, time, cash and customers, you might not be so worried by the odd “challenge”.  For the rest of us, there is Business Start-Up Coaching with the Grow Your Business Club in the Highlands of Scotland.

This programme will help you to focus on what matters to you, identify the gaps in your plans and prioritise what you’re going to do to address them.  So that what you might lack in terms of time, cash, confidence and derring-do, you make up for with purpose, flexibility and a clear understanding of what you’re setting out to achieve.  So that when those inevitable challenges come along, you’re better prepared to either meet them or go around them in a much more efficient manner.

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