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Coaching Programmes For You And Your Business

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Grow Your Business Club Coaching Programmes are fast paced and hard work.  If you’re serious about your personal or business growth, why waste your time on anything else?

You can choose a coaching programme to suit your situation.  There are several to choose from:

Life Coaching – which has far more purpose about it than it sounds.  It’s really about preparing yourself for the challenges you set for yourself, or have set for you.

Start-Up Coaching – for when you’ve had an idea and you’re planning to do something with it.  It makes sense to go into these things with your eyes open (you would be surprised how many people just “wing it”).  Then you know whether this is really the right idea on which to hang your livelihood and reputation.  It’s best to know, or at least to have thought through.  Uncertainty is an expensive habit for the startup entrepreneur.  There’s enough uncertainty around already.  Deal with it by completing a Start Up coaching programme with Grow Your Business Club.

Marketing Coaching – find out why your marketing isn’t working, then do something about it.  The Marketing Coaching Programme from Grow Your Business Club helps you to establish control of your marketing processes.  Which means a better return for your marketing budget and an improved sense of purpose and direction about your business.  Your customers will love you for it.

Sales Coaching – it’s amazing how many business owners can’t sell their own products and services but expect other people to do it for them.  If there isn’t an efficient sales system in place things can get difficult very quickly.  Having a selling system in place means that the people who are responsible for selling know what is expected of them and what to do.  You as a business owner or manager will know what your sales people are doing and where your customers are throughout the sales process.

Social Media Marketing Coaching – there’s so much more to social media marketing for your business than meets the eye.  If any part of your business involves being online, there’s an immediate need for you to support it with activity on social media.  But not in the way you think.  Social Media for business is very different to using your personal Facebook or Twitter account.  The online world is a place where the things you’re trying to avoid or play down can go all around the globe in minutes, making you an object of ridicule within hours.  It’s also a place where the same viral behaviour can bring you new customers and kudos just as quickly.  Well, almost as quickly.  Good news never seems to travel as fast as bad news.  That’s why you need Social media coaching with the Grow Your Business Club in the Highlands of Scotland.