About Us

About Us

What is Grow Your Business Club and Who Is It For?

Grow Your Business Club is here to help people to grow their business or business idea in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.  We operate in other parts of the UK too, but this site is focused on the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

We work with 3 types of member

  • Private individuals
  • Business Owners
  • Policy and decision makers

At 4 different stages of development

  • Pre-Start
  • Start-Up
  • Survival
  • High Growth

Members come from all walks of life

  • School leavers
  • College and University Graduates
  • Short and Long Term Unemployed
  • Women Returning To Work
  • Employees (who are in jobs they hate)
  • Pre-Start and Start-Up Entrepreneurs
  • Managers and Decision Makers
  • Company Directors
  • Business Owners

How We Can Help Members

We help members who are frustrated by:

  • Lack of direction or purpose
  • Lack of new goals or objectives
  • Lack of progress or results

We help members who want to:

  • Grow Personally
  • Grow Professionally
  • Grow Commercially

More specifically, we assist members in 6 Key Areas:

  • Personal Development
  • Business Start-Up and Self-Employment
  • Marketing
  • Digital Profits
  • Social Media
  • Sales & Selling