90 Minute Marketing Plan Workshop


A Marketing Plan For Your BusinessThe 90 Minute Marketing Plan Workshops in Inverness

In 90 Minutes Or Less

What’s involved in a marketing plan?

The marketing plan for your business only needs to be complex enough to be used to run, guide and measure your marketing activities.  It can be written on hundreds of pages or just one side of A4.   As long as it works for you and your situation, it’s up to you.  Hundreds of pages is perhaps a bit too much for most businesses and a single page will be too simple for many, but you need to start somewhere and you need to do something that works for you.

That’s the key point with the 90 Minute Marketing Plan workshops.  They’re all about you and your business.

Attend this workshop and you’ll leave at the end of the session with your own personal route map for marketing success.

You will understand:

  • How to target prospective clients who NEED your products or services
  • How to persuasively communicate how your solution fills their needs
  • How to convert the maximum number of prospective clients into new customers
  • How to convert first-time buyers to repeat customers and keep them coming back

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